Harmony BT Series

  • Fireplace Maintenance - Post Installation

    After your fireplace has been installed into your wall or feature wall, you can access everything in the fireplace from the front of the unit. All of the fireplace internal parts can be replace and serviced internally, and does not require access to the back of the fireplace. There is no need to...
  • Heater Shuts Off By Itself

    If your fireplace's heater shuts off after turning on for 10-15 seconds: 1. Ensure the temperature set on the remote is greater than the current temperature of your room (press and hold the Temperature button on the remote to change between °C and °F for 3 seconds). This will ensure the firepl...
  • Product User Manual

    Download the user manual for the Harmony BEF series at the link below Harmony BT User Manual
  • Remote and parts

    If you need a new remote or parts, you can purchase them through our online parts store at the link below: Dynasty Fireplaces - Online Parts Store
  • Replacing the main circuit board (control box)

    Please open the attached PDF below for full instructions: Harmony BT Series - control box/main circuit board replacement
  • Venting, Clearances & Combustables

    Your new Harmony BT electric fireplace may be installed virtually anywhere in your home. However, when choosing a location, ensure that the general instructions are followed. For best results, install out of direct sunlight. Ensure plug location has been determined before installation of the fire...
  • Wall Finishing

    The fireplace unit can be finished with ½ in. thick gypsum wallboard, or other facing material(s) not exceeding 9/16 in. thickness beyond thewall framing. The wallboard or facing material is finished up to the finishing stops on the face of the appliance. The front trim is installed so it overlap...