Wall Finishing

The fireplace unit can be finished with ½ in. thick gypsum wallboard, or other facing material(s) not exceeding 9/16 in. thickness beyond thewall framing. The wallboard or facing material is finished up to the finishing stops on the face of the appliance. The front trim is installed so it overlaps the edges of the wall board or facing material

Wall Finishing - Drywall Placement Instructions

1. Remove the trim and set aside.

2. Apply a protective masking over the outer glass panel to shield it from construction debris, dry wall debris, paint, mortar, etc.

3. If finishing with painted drywall or other desired facing material, ensure material has ½ in. thickness so that it is flush with the fireplace opening (see picture below).

4. Complete finishing of the wall with any priming, painting, grouting, etc. Remove protective film that was covering the glass panel during finishing.

5. Fit the trim to the appliance opening. It should securely latch to the appliance at all magnets located at each corner and perimeter of the frame.


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