Venting, Clearances & Combustables

Your new Harmony BT electric fireplace may be installed virtually anywhere in your home. However, when choosing a location, ensure that the general instructions are followed. For best results, install out of direct sunlight. Ensure plug location has been determined before installation of the fireplace, or consult your electrician.


You do not need to add additional vents or piping around your wall for our electric fireplaces.

The main heater vent is located below the front trim, behind the top portion of the trim. The slits/louvers on the sides and back of the fireplace do not vent out heat.


Clearances & Combustables

On the side and top of the Harmony BT firebox are slits/louvers that sit inside the wall once the fireplace has been installed. These louvers can have framing/plywood be placed right up to them. While these are not the main air intake for the fireplace, they should not be completely blocked by plastic sheeting or insulation.

Once the fireplace is installed, there is no clearance requirements from the viewing area of the fireplace (see picture below). However it is recommended to keep

drapery and other furnishings at least 3ft /0.9m from the front of the electric



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